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Welcome to TEST INSTANCE of openSUSE Build Service

This is our test instance. It uses standard openSUSE user credentials, but only approved users are activated. Ask your fellow admin in case you are an OBS developer or have another reason to test something.

System Status

The above graphs show the number of active build jobs last week, currently 0 of 2 build hosts are busy building packages. At the moment 24 packages are waiting on the different architectures.

TEST INSTANCE of openSUSE Build Service hosts 95 projects, with 5,989 packages, in 326 repositories and is used by 126 confirmed developers.


Adrian Schröter adrianSuSE wrote 11 months ago

Running ruby2.4 now

Björn Geuken bgeuken wrote over 1 year ago

Using Rails 5.0 now

Adrian Schröter adrianSuSE wrote almost 2 years ago

updated to ruby 2.3 stack

Adrian Schröter adrianSuSE wrote over 2 years ago

updated to current state ... using ruby 2.2!

Latest Updates

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